Roccabella by Kelli Richards Designs

Kelli Richards Designs have been shortlisted for Cityspace – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Situated downtown Montreal, this luxurious 2,000sq ft. pied a terre was designed by Kelli Richards Designs for a family with exceptional taste. The designers were tasked with the project which included selecting, designing, and procuring all furniture, lighting, and décor, as well as designing and installing custom built-ins and bath vanities.

Kelli Richards Designs

The luxury condo which is situated on the 34th floor of a new high rise development in downtown Montreal was to be designed and furnished by Kelli Richards Designs to match the essence of their clients, with a focus on timeless class and sophistication in the interiors as a reflection of their value of unique designs and superior quality. The clients’ intention for the unit is to use this space a “pied a terre” when visiting from Morocco, as their daughters are both enrolled in a university in the city.

Kelli Richards Designs

Working with a couple with very refined taste meant that the team at Kelli Richards Design had to be diligent in creating an outcome of high quality. One of the ways the designers ensured this was to present items that were not available anywhere in Canada, including some beautiful pieces from Laura Meroni in Italy which were imported, as well as the large tiles which have been installed on the column in the living room. The building that this unit is a part of features very luxurious finishes and Italian designs in all of the common spaces, meaning that the additional measures that the designers took to have the condo surpass the clients expectations also make the unit an extension of the building.

Kelli Richards Designs

Working with the space had provided some issues for the designers, though has resulted in a more integrated design. The decorative shelving unit with wood panelling, bronze mirrors and marble shelves in the dining area had initially stemmed from a concern of an unforeseen check in the wall; this decision ended with this being made to feel more unified as part of the architecture and allowing the clients to display some of their favourite books and decorative objects.

Kelli Richards Designs

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