Romero Canyon by Studio William Hefner

Studio William Hefner have been shortlisted for Residential Architectural Property Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020

Built and designed by William Hefner and his late wife Kazuko Hoshino, Romero Canyon is the second home located in Montecito, California which took over 10 years to come to fruition. Indeed, this is a truly fantastic design, which serves to complement the natural environment through its use of natural stone and wood, integrating into the landscape.

William Hefner

When William Hefner found the home, it was a 900 square foot house from the 1930’s. He and his family had always dreamt of creating a compound- separate buildings that could foster a feeling of being on holiday. As a result of this, we are presented with three distinct yet closely related buildings. They placed each structure as close to the edge of the property as was permitted, so the garden would be maximized in the middle.

William Hefner

There are three stone buildings, with are a combination of stone and integrated coloured plaster, mixed with wood stained cedar on the interior and exterior. All the stone used on the house and in the retaining, walls was harvested during the excavation for the pool and foundations. An interesting facet of the design is that there is no paint in the home, a result of a commitment to making sure all materials were natural, inside, and out. There are oak floors with knots, and steel doors and windows throughout. Light plays a crucial part in the home’s design.

William Hefner

Rich skylights in the pool house and great room help to balance the light through large expanses of steel and glass. For the interior design, the palette is limited from grey to sea foam to light taupe- pulling inspiration from traditional Japanese houses where indigo and blues mix with woods. The space is purposely under-furnished to create a sense of space, light, and tranquillity.

Studio William Hefner

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