Congratulations to Ronald Lu & Partners shortlisted for Residential £2.5-5 Million Plus (Project by Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Ronald Lu & Partners have been shortlisted for Residential £2.5-5 Million Plus (Project by Value) Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017.

Ronald Lu & Partners created a sky villa with multi-dimension visual excitement in this 3-storey duplex at Dong Shan Tian Di, this project was completed in March 2016. Dong Shan Tian Di is a luxury residential development located at Dong Shan District in Guangzhou, China; a district with strong traditional southern Chinese living culture in progress of urban renewal. Designers intend to express these unique cultural personalities through thoughtful interior architecture in an artistic approach, creating a sky villa with multi-dimensional visual excitement.
RLP_Dongshan Tiandi_01Overall spatial experience started with an unfolded space at the main foyer, Ronald Lu & Partners doubled the floor space by moving the main entrance from the top level to lower level; this spatial connection echoed harmoniously with the transparent private staircase linking the entire villa space.
RLP_Dongshan Tiandi_03Different living functions are visually separated yet connected by art installation and translucent fixtures; allowing a welcoming social space for the owner with exclusive privacy. Use of natural and glitzy reflective materials, such as the crystalized feature wall and floating chandelier embraced a glamourous living space reflecting the owner’s personal taste; especially the private swimming pool on roof top overlooking the impressive view of the district further expresses the owner’s luxurious lifestyle.
Ronald Lu & Partners

Ronald Lu & Partners