Congratulations to Rosa May Sampaio who has been Shortlisted for a Bedroom Award

design et al are pleased to announce the further success of Rosa May Sampaio, who has been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

This is a bedroom for a modern woman, where she has her working desk, a fireplace in a living area, a television -hidden behind the mirror- and a table.


The office desk was designed by the architect and the shelves were designed by Jader Almeida. The standing lamp by the desk is by Phillipe Stark and the ceiling lamp is by Ingo Maurer. The room also has a giant iPad coffee table where one can control lights, air conditioning and have access to e-mails and the Internet.



The floor was made of demolition wood and the walls are painted in stencil. Over the fireplace, a drawing by Rio de Janeiro artist Carlos Leao, famous for his delicate depictions of the feminine body. In the same mood, the drawings over the bed are also drawings of women, of renowned artist Eliseu Visconti. The bed was designed by the architect, and the side tables are antique.


Rosa May Sampaio