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The Well by Rose Ink Workshop

Rose Ink Workshop have been shortlisted for Spa/Spa Hotel – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

A full-service spa and wellness centre that was designed around the concept of health, consciousness and well-being in the urban city of Manhattan. Rose Ink Workshop’s goal was to create a space that is healthy, beautiful, happy and slightly ethereal.

Rose Ink Workshop

The Well has been designed in a way to create an environment that supports an individual’s overall well-being. The brand itself takes a holistic approach towards the services that are offered, and this was mirrored in the approach for the design. The challenge was to pull away from the idea of what a traditional centre of wellness should look like. Rose Ink Workshop were inspired by nature, art and the concept around a well and what it symbolises. It was crucial that the designers kept everything light and natural, as not to take away from the user experience.

Rose Ink Workshop

Rose Ink Workshop played with a variety of; textures, tones, shapes/forms, unique spatial layouts, organic materials and nature’s products; plants and stones. In the design you’ll find white-washed wood, selenite scones, Moroccan tiles sculptural pieces, curved and textured walls, concrete and fabric covered walls. The designers use lighting to subtly highlight the architectural details and finishes. It is the details that make this project come together harmoniously.

The design works so well as there is a system that is consistent throughout the design, supporting the function of the different spaces – current yet timeless. The design incorporates both natural and urban elements; creating a hub that is calming, accessible and modern enough for the patrons of the bustling city.

Rose Ink Workshop

The Well includes not only a full-service spa, but also meditation rooms, a private training gym, an organic restaurant and more. It is a beautiful balance of luxury and health and wellness. It is an ecosystem that channels positive energy so that people inhabiting the space, take it in, expand their inner vessel and capacity for knowledge, spirit, understanding of the universe and when they leave – to spread those feelings to do good and be well.

Rose Ink Workshop

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