Royal Orchid Lounge Phuket by ONG & ONG

ONG & ONG have been shortlisted for Lobby/ Public Areas – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

Phuket is a historic city with old houses bearing the Sino-Portuguese architectural style, merging designs with Eastern and Western influences. Also known as the Andaman Pearl, the city is globally renowned for amazing beaches and crystal-clear waters, alongside a concentration of high-end resorts. The Royal Orchid Lounge combines local and Sino-Portuguese appeal with the essence of the Thai Airways’ signature orchid purple, pampering passengers with premium services. The check-in area and the food kiosk recall Phuket’s familiar street food lifestyle. The interiors are abundant with carefully selected furniture that resonates with Phuket local craftwork. The VIP section caters to the traveling epicurean, furnished with Sino-Portuguese patterns with a hint of Chinese patterns, representing their interconnected history.

The interior furnishing is designed to look like an original local craftwork. The VIP section is located in the more private area. A pattern, inspired by the Sino-Portuguese style, was applied on walls and floors, with a hint of Chinese-inspired design blended in, as the two cultures are known to have a long bonded history together. THAI designed and decorated this lounge by combining its identity with Phuket’s Sino-Portuguese architecture to provide passengers with THAI services in a local Phuket atmosphere.

The ONG&ONG design team has reflected the full narrative into this project, starting with the interiors, which they have worked on the function for it to meet the requirements. The check in area and the food kiosk were designed to mimic the street food life style in Phuket, to make the guest feel as if they are walking in the streets of Phuket. The colours used are those of Thai Airways, like the purple of the orchids.

Phuket, or the Andaman Pearl, is a globally-acclaimed tourist destination which attracts both Thais and foreigners. Phuket attracts 13 million visitors per year with the potential to continually increase. THAI introduced the new Royal Orchid Lounge, complete with local Phuket interior décor that reflects the local identity. THAI has increased services for premium passengers, in order to accommodate more tourists flying into Phuket.


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