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Royalux by TSI Seats & Priestmangoode

TSI Seats & PriestmanGoode have been shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

Royalux is a new Narrow body Business Class seat that aims to set a new benchmark for passenger comfort in narrow body business class cabins. TSI Seats and PriestmanGoode saw an opportunity to innovate and address the need for more comfortable, higher level recline seating in narrow body commercial aircraft. As these types of aircraft increasingly fly longer routes, there is an ever-greater need for passenger comfort.

TSI Seats

TSI Seats and PriestmanGoode also saw an opportunity to design and develop a seat that bridges the gap in passenger comfort between business class seating on wide vs narrow body aircraft. The industry has seen continuous innovation in the design of business class seats on widebody aircraft, with groundbreaking seats like the award-winning Qsuite (a PriestmanGoode design), and an offer that is leading passengers to have ever higher expectations. Royalux addresses these points.

TSI Seats

PriestmanGoode takes a human-centred, evidence-based approach to design. Following initial briefings from TSI Seats, PriestmanGoode conducted in and out of sector research around the identified target customers, held workshops and interviews to ensure that the products would meet and exceed the benchmark expectations, whilst ensuring the designs are customer focused and inclusive.

Particular emphasis has been placed on passenger comfort levels. Not only have the team focused on the ergonomics and cushioning but also the optimum recline angle and mechanical structure of the seat. In addition, the design maximises the passenger living space with increased privacy, increased charging points including wireless charging and provides in seat ambient lighting controls as standard.

TSI Seats

Royalux aims to set a new benchmark for Passenger Comfort in narrow body business class. It has been designed for the passenger first, but all the while ensuring that the maintenance teams and airlines’ needs are met as well. A well designed seat facilitates greater service from airline crew, improving overall passenger experience.

TSI Seats & PriestmanGoode

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