SA Baxter announced as sponsor of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

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Luxe et al and design et al are delighted to announce SA Baxter as a sponsor of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.


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SA Baxter designs and manufactures bespoke architectural hardware and lighting for high-end residential and commercial projects. These exquisite products are cast in brass, bronze and white bronze base metals, in addition to brilliant plated and timeless patinated finishes.

SA Baxter’s architectural hardware is handmade to order in our eco-friendly foundry located in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The ancient process of lost wax casting and modern, green technology allows for limitless design capabilities.


A Collaborative Process

When a client walks into the SA Baxter showroom in the New York Design Center, or in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, they find themselves immersed in a true workshop. It is here where they can shop a gallery of the world’s most treasured architectural hardware and lighting, and customize each piece to meet their project’s specific needs. Clients can also walk into a showroom with an idea for a custom piece, and have a two-dimensional picture of it the following day. A day later, they can hold a 3D prototype in their hands, and weeks later have a finished art piece ready for installation. Whether it’s altering size and shape, incorporating a logo or crest, or re-creating a historical design, SA Baxter gives clients unparalleled freedom and flexibility over their hardware and lighting.


The Mark Of Timeless Design

The SA Baxter Mark has become a beacon in the design world, representing a relentless commitment to authenticity and refinement. Each piece of SA Baxter hardware and lighting is a testament to true artistry that’s nourished by tradition, informed by design, and enhanced by the spirit of innovation.


Always Authentic 

SA Baxter leads the future of hardware and lighting with its visionary Mark – a reawakening of the avant-garde. It represents an intricate symphony of artistry and technique that SA Baxter’s master artisans craft every day. SA Baxter labors to reinvent traditional forms, and to take the world by storm with its inventive, original designs. Not just architectural details, when the SA Baxter Mark is stamped into a product, it begs for something new: a change in what the world can expect from hardware, lighting, and more.


SA Baxter at work – Video

SA Baxter