SA Baxter - Blades Ceiling Light

Congratulations to SA Baxter shortlisted for Lighting – Pendant/Chandelier Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that SA Baxter Architectural Hardware has been shortlisted for the Lighting – Pendant/Chandelier Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

The Blades ceiling light is an introduction of SA Baxter’s new line of original fixtures. Stunning, curvilinear “blades” are used in repetition to surround six central exposed lamps. Symmetrical, yet unexpected, this bold new statement piece is crafted by hand in the foundry and design studio.

SA Baxter Architectural Hardware - Blades Ceiling Light

The piece is available in 14 signature SA Baxter finishes, from sleek and modern polished nickel to the rustic charm of dark antique brass, this fixture is well-suited to a variety of design aesthetics. The appeal of this fixture is the variation of environments which this is suitable for – all based on selection of finish. This fixture is dazzling in polished nickel, and slightly restrained when finished in a light antique brass. Suitable for use in a residential dining environment, or grouped in clusters at varying heights for stunning hospitality projects.

SA Baxter Architectural Hardware - Blades Ceiling LightFrom door knobs, bath fixtures, bronze flooring and metal lamps to vent covers, SA Baxter offers the deepest palette of metals and finishes in the industry; and delivers the highest quality, metal products for the upscale residential and luxury markets. We offer our clients the ability to work with an array of alloys and then choose from a vast selection of finishes that include patinating, burnishing, distressing, hammering, and more.

“In the  spirit  of  enabling  design,  we  strive  to  create  in  our  own  foundry and  design  studio the  absolute  best  architectural hardware and lighting in the world.”

– SA Baxter