Saffron Interior Arts Further Shortlist Success In the International Product Design Awards 2014

Saffron Interior Arts Enjoy Further Shortlist Success in the Lighting – Lamp Category In The International Product Design Awards 2014

The shape of the crystal track lamp is inspired by Shang Dynasty jade – the “cong” shape.  But instead of using the lapidary wheel to grind the jade, Robert Kuo uses a hand “picking” technique that was popular in the Song Dynasty to create that effect of chiseled ice.


Designer Robert Kuo was on a journey to study the Song Dynasty, a part of his heritage that has shaped the creation of so many globally sought after Chinese art and antiquities. This light came about in response to an idea of femininity and masculinity in lighting. The piece is softly elegant as a female form yet its shape and solid mass suggests a much more masculine focus. This is a piece that will work well with any scheme, contemporary or traditional and transcends global boundaries.


The luminosity and elegance, yet masculine solidity of the base changes colour as natural daylight wraps around it. This light is timeless and classic yet its design is absolutely of the 21st Century. Robert Kuo is a master as marrying the past and the present together in harmony.