Saffron Interior Arts Shortlisted In the International Product Design Awards 2014

Saffron Interior Arts Shortlisted for the Lighting – Lamp Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

The artist commissioned by Saffron Interior Arts to create the lighting for this project was German designer Tillman Koehn.
Tillman learnt his craft in his family’s shipbuilding yard, so hard raw materials form much of his work. The brief for this
project was to create a matching pair of lights to frame the fireplace in this early Victorian terrace mansion flat.


The clients were Indian and English and were keen to draw upon the colours and textures that underline both of their cultures.
The couple also had an important contemporary art collection and so direct light of any kind was not advisable. The key aspect of the product is the way in which the lighting shows the raw materials in one of their most simple yet effective forms.

Saffron Interior Arts Tillman Koehn Guarding Lights

Tillman Koehn’s designs for Saffron Interior Arts draw upon the elegance and simplicity that can be created by using the
materials, in this case solid bronze, in their purest form. Simple rods of hand beaten bronze wrap around the light source,
gently filtering it through into vertical shafts which then illuminate the decorative ceiling. The positioning, next to an
antique stone fireplace was a direct juxtaposition between old and new, in the same way that the original ceiling and wall
mouldings performed as a canvas for the contemporary art pieces. The simple wall mounted lights create an indirect focal
point in a room where each piece plays a part in exhibiting a wonderful tableaux of ideas and art pieces.

Saffron Interior Arts continues to support the work of its stable of fine artisan designers.