Samuel Heath Launches Style Moderne Collection

English-based brassware manufacturer, Samuel Heath, has announced the launch of its Style Moderne collection of exquisite bathroom fittings.

Samuel Heath has taken its design cues from the Art Deco period which began in Paris in the 1920’s, whilst preserving the manufacturing excellence of English craftsmanship. The glamour, elegance and fluidity of the period’s style provide the Style Moderne collection with inspirational and aesthetically alluring products for any opulent bathroom.Vanessa Allan, marketing manager at Samuel Heath, provides us with an insight into their thought process, “Through meticulous research, and an unswerving design vision, we have re-imagined one of the most dynamic and influential artistic periods in history.”

Samuel Heath has provided products for some of the most luxurious venues in the UK including The Dorchester and The Savoy, and worldwide with projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China and Switzerland.