Introducing Samuel Heath as a Sponsor of the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce Samuel Heath as a sponsor of the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

Samuel Heath is a British brassware manufacturer that combines quality craftsmanship with the latest technology to offer a collection of beautifully designed bathroom fittings and architectural hardware. All of the company’s products are made in-house at its Birmingham factory. From design and tooling, to machining and electro-plating, Samuel Heath has complete control over the quality of its products and its manufacturing process at every stage.

Established in 1820, Samuel Heath has been run by five successive generations of the Heath family. Samuel Heath & Sons began as a traditional brass founder, producing an array of products ranging from coffin furniture to fireside accessories and bedsteads. Today, Samuel Heath has built a worldwide reputation for design, innovation and quality, with a heritage that benefits from a wealth of British craftsmanship, manufacturing knowledge and expertise.


Each Samuel Heath product starts its life as a solid piece of the purest European brass, precision machined using CNC technology to enable the precise manufacture of intricate designs. Once machined, the are hand-polished by skilled craftsmen in order to achieve a perfectly smooth finish for flawless plating. The electroplating stages that produces the desired final finish are controlled by expert technicians ensuring the optimum depth of metal for longevity and an immaculate appearance. Samuel Heath offer a variety of plated finishes as standard, and more unusual finishes can be specified for bespoke projects. Finally, each product is assembled, checked and packed by hand.