Scandic’s New Flagship Hotel Designed by Stylt Trampoli is Shortlisted for ID&A Awards

!cid_8A0AD64A-570B-4116-9153-4D608CDC97FCScandic Paasi,  Scandic’s new flagship hotel in Helsinki has just been shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2013.

“Scandic Passi is a 170 room hotel integrated with one of the city’s true landmark buildings – the ruggedly granite fortress Paasitorni. Opened in 1908 as the Helsinki Workers’ House, Paasitorni provided education, leisure activities and entertainment for the workers of Helsinki. It is maintained by Helsinki Workers’ Association and is one of the city’s biggest conference and congress centres.

Situated in the hard working Siltasaari area, this is the Finnish capital at its most dynamic, honest and authentic – a magnet for creative and progressive thinkers, spiced with a dash of bohemian attitude. A truly colourful scene has also had its roots within the very location. 130 years ago a circus was once housed here, attracting artists and performers from all over Europe.

At this very location Scandic Paasi Hotel offers a true and spectacular taste of the destination. By anchoring the hotel with the local history, the interior design and carefully selected features reflect the circus atmosphere and the area’s colourful inhabitants from the past. Entering the hotel you can imagine the roar of lions and the crack of the ringmaster’s whip. The reception and lobby area is playfully decorated in circus-style patterns and furniture. Three interior design room are theme dubbed as “Spectacular”, “Leisure” and “Conscious” refer to the personalities of the historical phases – circus artists, musicians, craftsmen, artists, writers among others.

Scandic Paasi Hotel is an arena for today’s personalities who like to mingle with the colourful characters from the past.”