Galina Maly Interior Design

Seaside Penthouse by Galina Maly Interior Design

Galina Maly Interior Design  has been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The Seaside Penthouse is a contemporary residence where the interior design is influenced by the client’s want of bringing elements of the surrounding nature inside. Located in the centre of Netanya and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Galina Maly Interior Design created a residence that offers all the features one would expect and a few that surpass every expectation.

Galina Maly Interior Design

Working with the client’s dislike of dead spaces, the project feels spacious but never bare. Tranquil, yet dramatic. Subtle and seductive drama is achieved by careful layering of bold elements over subtle ones, embedding textures and finishes that complement each other. There are few colours in this project, but the variety of textures and finishes add depth to the scheme.

Galina Maly Interior Design

Everything on the inside of this space is instigated by the surroundings, with Galina Maly Interior Design mainly taking inspiration the sea. While working on this project the designer witnessed the sea in many states – from velvet soft on a sunny morning, to raging black with the winds thrashing furniture around. Having also encountered sand storms which turns everything into a yellow haze, Galina Maly used all of her experiences with nature as her inspiration.

Galina Maly Interior Design

One of Galina Maly’s favourite aspects is the design of the living space, where the striking voluminous features are celebrated. The opulent open-plan space was created with the client’s love of hosting in mind. The kitchen can be closed off from the dining area with the innovative pocket doors, and a striking but very delicate bespoke light installation flows from one space into another. This project required a lot of bespoke intervention including lighting, millwork, upholstery and furniture. Just one example of this is Galina Maly’s choice in the shade of wood used throughout, which had to be very precise when considering how the colour would alter as the gold light of the sunset takes over in the evening hours.

Galina Maly Interior Design

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