Seaside Penthouse by Galina Maly Interior Design

Galina Maly Interior Design  has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

Located in the centre of Netanya and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Seaside Penthouse is a uniquely designed contemporary residence that offers all the features one would expect and a few that surpass every expectation.

Galina Maly - Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

Standing on what would become the terrace on the 28th floor of high rise residential tower in Netanya, taking in the salty air, Mediterranean breeze, approaching sunset and the gentle murmur of the sea, Galina Maly’s client asked of a way to bring all of this inside. The residence had to be a comfortable living space for his growing family and at the same time a showstopper. The team moved walls and floors, and with the outstanding vision of the architect added a whole mezzanine level. Galina Maly Interior Design collaborated with the best local and international professionals who felt passionate about the project, and created a rare chemistry between the teams.

Galina Maly - Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

Working with the client’s dislike of dead spaces, the project feels spacious but never bare. Tranquil, yet dramatic. Subtle and seductive drama is achieved by careful layering of bold elements over subtle ones, textures and finishes that complement each other. There are few colours in this project, but a variety of textures and finishes make the scheme deep. Galina Maly Interior Design took inspiration mainly from the sea – from velvet soft on a sunny morning to raging black with the winds thrashing or sandstorms when everything turns into a yellow haze.

Galina Maly - Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

The main floor of the penthouse consists of the living and dining areas, kitchen and powder room. Separated from here by a hallway with a service lift and separate entrance is a guest suite. On the other side of the property is the master suite with soaring four-meter ceilings, gallery, dressing room and ensuite bathroom. The spacious master bedroom has its own terrace overlooking the sea, a beautiful view of the water from the bed. A floating staircase and a lift lead to the mezzanine level with a bar, cinema and another powder room. There’s a hidden balcony for the smokers behind one of the upholstered panels. On the roof terrace is a pool with an adjacent summer kitchen, a massage room, and a sauna.

This project required a lot of bespoke intervention including lighting, millwork, upholstery and furniture. Just one example of this is Galina Maly’s choice in the shade of wood used throughout, which had to be very precise to not turn too orange as the gold light of the sunset takes over in the evening hours.

Galina Maly Interior Design

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