Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

Luxury Apartment by Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

Sebastian Zenker Interior Design have been Shortlisted for Bathroom Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021.

The brief for this bathroom project was the renovation of an apartment with an amazing existing structure in an old building in Central Munich, Germany. The old master bathroom was too small and so one of the adjacent living rooms was included into the new bathroom layout to provide extra space. Sebastian Zenker Interior Design also included a separate powder room for guests, as well as a small sauna in a vestibule within the new bathroom space.

Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

The overall design follows an art deco style combined with modern and unique details, such as incorporating a heated mirror in the shower. The contradictory powder room with its city jungle design was requested by the clients and complements the unique and extraordinary interior design. The key aspect of the project was to include all three facilities: the spacious master bathrooms, separate powder room and the sauna. Also key to the design was also the luxurious master bathroom with art deco furniture, a Murano glass chandelier, stunning marble wall panels and heated marble floor as well as mirrored cupboards hidden over the sinks.

Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

The design works so well as the new layout allows a spacious bathroom with many unique details. The shower and toilet are hidden behind a marble wall and a low level divides the bathroom and simultaneously hides the drains which couldn’t be laid into the floor. Also, the mirror which fills the room, the added shutters, the made to order furniture and the precisely chosen faucets give the room the Art Deco feel.

Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

The house was built in the 1920’s and the Art Deco interior design revitalised the apartment with its original charm but with all modern and comfortable amenities. Specialist artisan skills were required throughout the project through the stonemason who did a wonderful job with the assembly of the marble panels with their different heights and thicknesses and whilst still being able to follow the design brief.

Sebastian Zenker Interior Design

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