Felicia Foreman Interiors

Secret Cinema by Felicia Foreman Interiors

Felicia Foreman Interiors have been shortlisted for Home Cinema Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The brief for Felicia Foreman Interiors was to create a state-of-the-art home cinema in an unused lower ground floor room, with seating for up to 12 people and a fun relaxed design in keeping with the rest of the house and its location.

Felicia Foreman Interiors

The room needed to have a wow factor on entry, feeling like you had stepped into a real cinema, but without being overly luxurious, as the property is primarily used as an up-market holiday let. It had to be easy to use, able to withstand the wear and tear of continuous back to back rentals and quick and easy to clean on changeover days. It also needed to be virtually sound proofed from the rest of the house, as it is situated near the bedrooms and designed to provide an incredible theatrical experience, ensuring that staying at the property was a truly unique experience.

Felicia Foreman Interiors

The design blends together beautifully, with the orange velvet and stunning monochrome fabric used on the seating providing an element of fun, together with the understated sleek black fabric walls, dark carpet and walnut cabinetry. The acoustics in the room are incredible with 13 speakers seamlessly hidden behind the fabric walling and in the ceiling. The AV racks are hidden in the beautiful bespoke cabinetry, and a fabric wrapped bulkhead was created to hide the projector.

Felicia Foreman Interiors

For Felicia Foreman Interiors, the key aspect of the room is the feeling of escapism – when you enter the room, you are transported into another world. The fun fabrics and detail on the seating, together with the black fabric wrapped walls and large screen gives the room it’s wow factor. Once the lights dim, the acoustic set up and incredible surround sound exceeds expectations. The fact that this cinema is tucked behind very ordinary doors, means that no one would ever guess it was there, creating a wonderful element of surprise.

Felicia Foreman Interiors

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