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ShellShock Designs Ltd produces one of the worlds largest ranges of opulent mother of pearl mosaic tiles, glass mosaic panels, glass mosaic collections, onyx mosaic tiles, translucent stone slabs, luminescent stone slabs, and encapsulated panels to create spectacular interiors.

Both beautiful and practical, these products are used in exclusive residences, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars throughout the world.

ShellShock Designs Ltd sources the finest quality seashells from around the globe. We also farm our own freshwater mother of pearl on the banks of the Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake. From here our skilled team of artisan farmers cultivate the Mother of Pearl producing up to 75,000 sq metres per year.

ShellShock Designs Ltd are committed to a sustainable global environment, and we operate a supervised programme to replenishthe lake constantly to ensure the sustainable development of the shellfish.

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