Shepherd Resources.Inc./AIA : Further Shortlist Success in the £5 Million + (Property Value) Award

design et al are delighted to announce more shortlist success for Shepherd Resources,Inc./AIA this time for the £5Million + (Property Value) Award in the ID&A Awards 2014.

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The home resides upon a large, semi-rural mountain property that straddles the transition from meadow to forest. Braided streams flow just inside the forest. To establish a high privacy standard, the client requested that the home become essentially invisible from off-site. In order to accomplish this while maintaining distant views, Shepherd Resources cut the home into the site just at the landscape transition, introduced site walls into the meadow, and lifted the meadow foliage up to the roof.

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The distant westerly views are enjoyed over the site walls from the home and meadow-side patios, while the intimate easterly views into the forest are experienced through large, opening glass walls that serve the forest patios.

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While the home is modern, the designers nodded to local, historic ranch vernacular by attaching a traditional American West guest suite element to the curved entry. The curved entry link between the main house and guest suite is designed to be left open during the summer months.

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All wood material in the home, including timber beams and columns, doors, cabinets and woodwork, is reclaimed. The home is heated and cooled entirely via ground loop geothermal systems.

This home is highly private yet enjoys an open relationship with the site.