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Congratulations to Sheree Stuart Design who have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Sheree Stuart Design have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2019

The client purchased their two-storey Toronto penthouse home as their summer residence.  They wanted their penthouse to look and feel different from their traditional Florida bungalow home and described a luxury retreat with high-end furniture, appliances and amenities.  It was imperative that Sheree Stuart Design maximised the utility of a smaller space with functional and flexible furniture and room layouts.

Sheree Stuart

Taking a cue from the clients’ love of travel and their growing collection of Asian antiquities and art, the Sheree Stuart Design imbued this penthouse with a Japanese aesthetic of simplicity, modernism and an earth-toned palette. Every aspect of the penthouse is custom – from the kitchen, lighting, millwork and flooring, to the furniture and cabinet hardware. The result is a luxurious and tranquil retreat that fully satisfies the designer’s criteria for a successful project: a customized interior enhancing the clients living experience, delivered on time and on budget.

Sheree Stuart

Lighting plays an important role in the design of Toronto Penthouse. Sheree Stuart Design created custom innovative lighting solutions to enhance the overall aesthetic, while also providing appropriate task and ambient light. The media room is a prime example of how lighting can elevate a space. This small room had load bearing concrete walls and no windows. The design team used this as an opportunity to create dramatic standout lighting integrated into a seamless design. The backlit custom wall unit creates a striking focal point as one enters the penthouse.  The pewter leaf wallcovering reflects the light creating a warm glow in the space.

Sheree Stuart

The master ensuite similarly utilises lighting to accentuate the beautiful design elements. The combination of lighting in this penthouse, ranging from the custom dining room glass fixture to liner LED lighting provides the client with a versatile layered lighting scheme that supports their various living activities. Lighting is connected to the exterior patio, as well, with up lighting and spot-lights to accentuate the beautiful patio design and vegetation.

Sheree Stuart Design


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