Shiny Bones: Shortlisted for the Residential £10 Million Plus (Project Value) Award

Shiny Bones celebrate shortlist success in the ID&A Awards 2015. Laguna House will compete for the Residential £10 Million Plus (Project Value) Award.

CircleDrive_001 (Custom)

Myca is taken by the movement of the ocean, the sensory pallet of the beach. Organic textures, reflective surfaces, and sleek lines inform the interior design of this three story home built on a precipice. The home transparently blends jagged and smooth lines drawn from the coast and is highlighted with beguiling and sensible innovations for modern living.

CircleDrive_026 (Custom)

The open and airy nature of the estate, informed by the sublime nature of the coast, is set off by globally sourced lighting that is the jewellery of the home, in addition to the pneumatic elevator. On each of the three stories, the coastal side is lined with vanishing glass doors, manifesting as hanging panes that erase the traditional boundary between home and the elements.

CircleDrive_007 (Custom)

The pivot front door, the beaded faucet in powder bath, the monolithic master sinks and tub (that fills from the ceiling and has an exterior slope to sit against to enjoy the view), the doors that extend in and out seamlessly, the floating ceilings, the wall treatments, the exposed concrete staircase.

CircleDrive_048 (Custom)


The contemporary furniture caresses the decor, offering comfort at the cost of minimal visual intrusion. Aloof tones and deep texture are evocative sand and cliffs, welcoming the inhabitants into an intimate relationship with nature. The natural finishes include marble, onyx, recycled glass, finished with unfinished concrete, polished stone, rustic wood, tile, walnut, steel, pine.  Comfort and softness are not compromised, and creativity is personified in this opulent progressive home in Laguna Beach , an artist community that values the preservation of nature as much as the enjoyment of it.

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