Shortlist Announcement: JHP to compete for Retail / Leisure Space Award

JHP have achieved shortlist success in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. design et al are delighted to announce that the leading retail design firm will compete in the Retail / Leisure Space category.

JHP’s store for global duty free retailer Dufry in São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport is unlike any others in the world of travel retail. It is a highly colourful, vibrant and dynamic store concept. At 3,400m2, it is very much ‘department store meets hypermarket’.

IY&A - DUFRY10 (Custom)

The large circular glowing red ceiling drum acts as a great armature, facilitating the dispersion of customer journeys around it to different parts of the store. Brazilians are among the world’s greatest eyewear buyers so the design agency placed sunglasses in this location – the heart of the concept.

IY&A - DUFRY1 (Custom)

The brand new store concept to addresses two core elements: prepares for the huge influx of visitors arriving for the World Cup 2014 and the forthcoming Olympics in 2016. It also accommodates the projected increase in business due to the doubling of the import tax allowance from $500 to $1200 for passengers arriving into the country. Due to very high import taxes, Brazil’s airport ‘arrivals’ stores generate far more revenue than those in departures. The result is that arrival stores are vast and of almost hypermarket scale representing the ultimate meeting of luxury and commodity.

IY&A - DUFRY6 (Custom)

By embracing the vibrant energy and passion of Brazil, JHP have created a grand affordable bazaar housing the world’s best fashion, beauty, confectionery, fine wines, watches, electrical goods and accessory brands.

IY&A - DUFRY8 (Custom)

The in-store experience is unlike any travel retail store in the world. A totally stimulating environment.