Shortlist Announcement: MM-Design to Compete for the First Class Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce MM-Design as a shortlisted company in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The Frankfurt-based company has been shortlisted in the First Class Lounge category.

_OPE7678 (Small)

Fraport VIP-service provides an important sector of Frankfurt Airport. This requires a high standard of outward appearance, ambiance and comfort. The design in combination with an outstanding service should enthusiast the sensitive and international clients, so that the new VIP-lounge will add to the positive reputation of Frankfurt Airport.

The world wide typical lounge style should not serve as an example or framework for the new VIP-Lounge. High touch is more important than high tech. The overall appearance of the design is fresh and contemporary. With a warm and welcoming ambiance, travelers are treated like a guest at a friend’s house.

MMD-FRA_10-Lounge 3 (Small)

The location, directly adjacent to the runway and with windows all the way to the floor, provides the guests with a spectacular view and experience.

Privacy and cosiness are essential for VIP-travellers. Classical furniture in combination with modern elements and art helps to achieve an elegant and individual atmosphere.

MMD-FRA_04-Royal Lounge (Small)

A selection of high quality fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, lighting, accessories and, of great importance, the incorporation of art should emphasise the high standard of the VIP-lounge.

MMD-FRA_07-Lounge 4 (Small)

The lounge is divided in several areas of different sizes. A combination of private areas such as a fitness room with adjoining marble bathrooms, small private lounges, a well equipped conference room, an extra exclusive royal lounge/library, a shopping area, a bar and an open lounge for bigger delegations.

MMD-FRA_05-Conference (Small)