Shortlist Announcement: MCM Designstudio to Compete for Yacht Concept over 40 Metres Award

MCM Designstudio has been announced as a shortlisted company in the Fifth Annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The Switzerland-based design firm, founded by Milena Cvijanovich will compete in the Yacht Concept over 40 Metres category with their project, Island (E)motion.


Island(E)motion is a new yacht concept combining the highest standards of gigayachts with the spaces of exclusive boutique resorts and holiday residences, and is based on green technologies, advanced sustainable materials and proven alternative energy solutions.

IE_spiral staircase (Custom)

Tailor-made to its owner’s wishes, Island(E)motion can range from 120m-200m, with rolling gardens and real palm trees integrated by expert landscapers to withstand marine and climatic conditions.

IE_view to the pool (Custom)

As a new form of ultra luxury lifestyle in the marine environment, this 14-29-suite yacht integrates the glamorous intimacy of a private island with resort amenities such as a sumptuous spa, indoor tennis court, home cinema or concert venue, allowing a sublime getaway anywhere in the world, alone or with up to 60 guests. It offers 7 living decks whose spaces can be sculpted and landscaped to offer areas each with its own atmosphere including a 600m2 owner’s quarters with retractable roof, private helipad and personal pool.

interior 5 (Custom)

Its low profile and green roofs give it an attractive silhouette from ashore while its advanced propeller technology and hydrogen and LNG fuel systems, designed by renowned engineers from the yacht industry, reduce power consumption drastically in comparison with traditional energy expenses of yachts.

vip suite (Custom)

At a cruising speed of 18 knots and with a draft of 5.8m, Island (E)motion can be transported like any gigayacht to exceptional locations worldwide, be stationed offshore at major world events such as The Olympic Games in Rio or the World Cup in Qatar or follow seasonal playgrounds like St. Tropez and St. Barts.