Further Shortlist for Final Fix in the ID&A Awards 2015 for the £5 Million Plus (Property Value) Award

Final Fix celebrate further shortlist success for their private villa project in Dubai for the Residential £5 Million Plus (Property Value) award in the ID&A Awards 2015. This private villa is located in Dubai and is to be used as a rest house during weekends.

Final Fix -REs 5M Gulf States-Private Villa Dubai Image 2

The challenge was to respect the existing elements and to work around creating an open space for living and dining, and merge some spaces to create a pleasing entrance lobby. The client’s requirements were met to ensure a creative interior space was provided without changing the villa structure of the MEP services.

Final Fix -REs 5M Gulf States-Private Villa Dubai Image 3

The client asked for a simple, comfortable, open space design. The villa was built some 30 years ago and the designers were instructed on the renovation of the interior space, taking into consideration the available space and MEP services that should not be changed.

Final Fix -REs 5M Gulf States-Private Villa Dubai Thumbnail

The designers were able to prepare the interior design following a full survey to the existing building and all services, and were in turn able meeting the budget and the timescale provided by the client. This was a fast track project.