Shortlist success again for Finite Solutions in the International Design & Architecture Awards

Finite Solutions have once again been short listed for the Home Cinema award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2013.

The client tasked them with creating a stunning dedicated cinema in a loft room in his new build property. The room had to have a modern aesthetic and create a special atmosphere, with dramatic lighting effects to enhance the whole experience. The client wanted the ‘wow factor’ – something to set his cinema apart – something special.

Cinema - Bond 1

“It was our challenge to make this happen.” explains the designer

“Our client was not prepared to compromise on any aspect of the cinema. It had to deliver an impressive audio visual performance and enable him to access content from a variety of sources. He has a huge movie collection, watches major sporting events through Sky HD, and enjoys on-demand services delivered via Apple TV.”

Simple control of the system was also a crucial factor. Both the family and their guests who have no prior knowledge of the system would be using it, so it had to be easy and intuitive to control.

There needed to be enough seating to host at least 8 people, with the option of bringing in additional floor cushions and bean bags for up to 14 people.


Finite Solutions focused on designing a room as opposed to building something around a screen. The design ensures each component in the room, including the visual, the audio, the seating and the technology, complement each other, making the best use of space and optimizing performance.