Further Shortlist Success for AYKA Design In The International Product Design Awards 2014

AYKA Design enjoy further Shortlist Success for the Flooring Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

‘CHAMBRAY’ (The City Lanscapes Collection) by AYKA Designs.

The inspiration for this piece was borne out of a love of architecture and fashion. The ever changing climate, the light from dusk to dawn, from colour to neutral, from pattern to textures are all an inspiration. The setting of the industrial cityscape fuses into one, harsh industrial lines melt, faces mellow, colours soften to create this beautiful canvas.


As a designer, Michelle’s approach behind the design of each individual rug is its story. It inspires her to be bold and not to be afraid of current trends. This strength creates the soul in each rug which is far beyond one single element of the designer’s journey. The design is interpreted from a different perspective, as it is not just a rug, it is art itself. The rugs journeys starts from an inspiration to paper to colour to the loom and finally, to the many hands that will patiently create it slowly and meticulously over the ensuing months.

The rug is no longer a floor covering but a piece of Art.


Both images of the industrial background and the glamorous woman are individual and bold. However when combined together they transform into one canvas creating a softness as they coexist in their daily lives.

The rug is a mixture of wool and handspun silk yarns which adds a three dimension accent and life to the design when the light descends upon the silk threads. Slight carving is added in one direction on the background of the curves to echo the structures of the landscapes.