Shortlist Success for BHO Interiors in the Retail Category for ID&A Awards 2014

BHO Interiors have been successfully Shortlisted for the Retail Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014, with their project ‘Fontana Arte for Radiant Lighting’. The brief was to create a journey within a lighting showroom that houses many different Italian light fittings in a unique environment. BHO Interiors was engaged by Radiant Lighting to design the first Fontana Arte showroom in Australia.


We wanted to create a design that is unique and different from other lighting showrooms here in Perth. Customers will experience an interactive journey while walking into the central pods, viewing the range of lighting products from various window openings.


This unique “Blonde Chic Feel” lighting showroom was created to showcase its Italian lighting products (which are mainly white in colour). By creating an interior space that is darker in colour, the products would stand out from its environment. The use of darker timbers, colours and bronze mirrors helps create a feeling of warmth and sophistication to the interior space of the showroom.


The key aspect of the project is the central pod which has different features to exhibit the different lightings in different locations; such as window shelves, dividers and raisers. The design of the space works well as it is a blend between a contrast of light – which are the Fontana Arte lightings; and dark – the wide interior.