Further Shortlist Success for Chalk Architecture for the Retail Space Award

Chalk Architecture celebrate further shortlist success for the Retail Space Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.

BagelmanStation by Jim Stephenson-15 MidRes (Small)

Chalk Architecture were approached and engaged to re-brand and refresh the whole customer experience of Bagelman. The company are a Brighton institution, with a hugely loyal customer following and from the outset Chalk Architecture were concerned with not abandoning the founding principles of the businesses visual identity.

BagelmanStation by Jim Stephenson-6 MidRes (Small)

The existing logo was reduced back and reconfigured as ‘b’ version of the @ symbol. Bagels are a fun fast food experience for working people, but they have a food credibility that sets them apart from high street fast food. They are fresh, utilitarian, tasty & reasonably healthy. Contrasting notions of fun and utilitarianism was the core challenge for Chalk Architecture and inspiration came from a surprising source: an enameled tin teacup. The enameled metal finish was introduced as the cladding to the counter and the colour way was developed to give the revelation of the branding much greater flexibility.

BagelmanStation by Jim Stephenson-10 MidRes (Small)