Congratulations to Cittolin Polli & Associés SA, winner of the Ski Chalet Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

Cittolin Polli & Associés SA successfully won the Ski Chalet Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2014 with their design for a chalet in Verbier.


The chalet consists of  contemporary architecture designed with quality materials and overlooks a beautiful panorama of the Swiss Alps. The chalet is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the legendary resort of Verbier.  Sophistication is apparent on all floors.

The apparent simplicity of the windows highlight the skill of the craftsmen and ensure that nothing distracts from the dramatic Alpine views and the chalet’s relationship with its environment.


Both internally and externally the chalet reflects its surroundings through its seamless use of traditional and contemporary design and materials.


In effect, the chalet is a balcony or a “nest” on the Alps. The architects goal was to give reclaimed wood a new relationship with its old friend – the Alps.

The way traditional materials have been used alongside reclaimed wood, glass, stone and metal to create the ideal cosy atmosphere is a key apect of the design.


The way light has been engineered to react throughout the property resulting in a range of different atmospheres suited to each room and time of day is also worth noting. Outdoor lighting has also been used to enhance the south facade that opens onto the Alps.