Further Shortlist Success for Design Intervention i.d – Shortlisted for Bathroom Award

Design Intervention i.d. have been Shortlisted for the Bathroom Award with their project ‘Ski Chalet Bathroom’ in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. The bathroom has been designed for a British Expat’s vacation retreat in the Japanese Alps. Baths in Japan are not simply functional: they are an indulgence. In Japan, bathing is a intrinsic part of the culture. Baths are for relaxing, not cleansing.


The inclusion of a Japanese style bathroom was a key required for the vacation home. The client requested for a significant part of the floor plan to be allocated for a Japanese style bathroom that would be a place to unwind and recharge. A space to relax and unwind is a key theme of this design brief with an inherent Japanese fell. With freezing mountain temperatures outside, the bathroom is designed to be warm and intimate.

The brief was to invoke an essence of Japan with a sense of tranquility: combining warmth with a true zen experience. We used a warm hued timber, with red/orange undertones to add richness to the room. A wood clad ceiling and floor injects warmth in a way that tile never could. Upholstered furniture, accessories and artwork give the room a soft, snug feel.

Opting for a pair of tubs allows for more comfort than a single piece for two. Made of wood, which not only invokes a warmer feel but its insulating properties maintains heated water temperature for longer. The windows are dressed with Shoji screens. The tiles are simple but have been laid to reflect traditional Japanese post and beam millwork. This is a perfect place to indulge tired muscles after a long day on the slopes.