Congratulations to Eklego Design, winner of the Gulf States Living Space Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

Eklego Design successfully won the Interior Design and Architecture Awards 2014 in the Gulf States Living Space category.

Forty West_Modern Islamic_Reception 4 copyThe brief was to design three showcase apartments in three different styles. Each final design is different in terms of finishes, patterns and furnishing – the featured project is the “Modern Islamic” design. The final three palettes are currently being applied to a further 180 apartments.

The interiors for the three styles, created by Eklego Design, had to reflect there distinct personalities and moods to suit various client tastes – the final result was the“Natural Zen”, “Urban Chic” and “Modern Islamic” designs.

Forty West_Modern Islamic_Dining 2 copy

The Modern Islamic style features a palette that is based on contrast with the predominant use of geometric pattern and an eclectic mix of patterns and textiles (ethnic meets modern). The design was to appeal to a well-travelled and cultured family.

Forty West_Modern Islamic_Reception 8 copy

Eklego Design used the main throw pillows (Osborne & Little Karavansara/Kolam textile in Red/Peacock colorway, and Karavansara/Kolam textile in Lilac/Stone colorway) as the inspiration for the overall coloor scheme of the apartment. The final result being a predominance of light taupe with splashes of lilac and peacock.

Forty West_Modern Islamic_Terrace 2 copy

Adaptability is key to the design of the apartment. The design aesthetic and functionality are flexible so that users are able to personalize their space and make the environment their own. The subtle use of top quality materials and finishing are key features in the interior design, as well as a the strong link between indoor and outdoor space.

Forty West_Modern Islamic_Entrance copy

“I believe that they recognizse excellence in design and are a good platform to promote designers”

– Hedayat Islam, Eklego Design