Further Shortlist success for JPR Architects in the City Space category of the ID&A Awards 2014

JPR Architects have achieved further Shortlist success for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. The Darling Point Apartment has been Shortlisted in the City Space category for the Architecture Awards.


Set in the exclusive suburb of Darling Point, the resident wanted to completely strip and refurbish their 1980s apartment, improving visual connectivity and allowing natural light into the interior of the apartment. The original building had been built into the side of a steep hill and only one face had been exploited for views and light. The approach to the design issues was to open the entry vestibule to the southern façade for natural light and turning the space into an entry “courtyard”, and to allow that light to penetrate deeper into the dark rooms of the property. All these interventions allowed vistas and view corridors through the apartment to the views.


The design philosophy in relation to interior design work, is based on the premise that ‘design’ is not merely the selection or decoration of surfaces, or the accretion of sourced and selected artefacts, but is the integration of created surfaces, with new and old spaces, with light, and with the owner’s own treasures, and to select finishes that will by their very nature ‘reveal’ the light, both artificial and natural.



The finishes selected are warm and are selected to combine and contrast natural unfinished rustic timberwork, with gloss painted lining boards, matte painted wall surfaces with glossy frameless glass balustrades, accented by soft touches such as the leather cladding to the handrails. Coffered ceilings with concealed lighting ensure soft ambient light which speaks eloquently of ‘home’.