Further Shortlist Success for JPR Architects at the ID&A Awards 2014

JPR Architects have achieved further Shortlist Success at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. Their Project ‘Darling Point Residence’ has been successfully shortlisted for the Residential £2.5-5 Million Award.This dwelling was originally built in the 1930’s as a single residence, however over the years had undergone a number of unsympathetic renovations and alterations resulting in a building comprising 5 one-bedroom apartments.


JPRA undertook a design process to remove the unfortunate accretions of the previous years, and to turn the building once again into a single luxury private dwelling. The finishes are varied and eclectic and build on and reflect the owner’s African heritage with a mixture of rustic textures and exposed timber beams, combined with contemporary expressed steel structures and smooth rendered finishes.

The success of the design, lies in the ability to maintain the original structure. The frontage has been stripped back and refurbished and amended only with the addition of pergolas and privacy screening, however from the rear street a series of new levels have been created with a vehicle access from the rear street to a 3 car garage, and rising 6 levels by means of a glass lift through a large central unifying void that rises through the centre of the dwelling.