Further Shortlist Success for Mohawk Industries in the IPD Awards 2014

Mohawk Industries have achieved further shortlist success in the International Product Design Awards 2014 with ‘WHY Y’ competing for the Flooring Award.

Designer, Mac Stopa, comments: “Each pattern I designed for Mohawk is inspired by geometry. I put together geometric figures and organized them in controlled randomness. This is an example of hybrid design, where classic geometry is organized in order to resemble nature.”


WHY Y is a ground breaking new LVT product with designs that are exciting and unseen in the category and a new phthalate-free base with bio-based content. The graphic pattern combines in endless installation designs, and the colorways are offered in bold colors that add impact and transitional, tonal neutrals. You get the performance benefits of LVT with a new sustainably-enhanced version that is 100% Red List Chemical-free.


The WHY Y collection gives designers a unique opportunity to utilize the shape in creative and unconventional ways. The graphic patterns and combination of brights with more subdued tonal colorways can be infinitely combined, empowering designers to create installations that aid in space planning, way finding and bold, impactful interiors.