Shortlist Success for Q Developments in the £5million Plus (Property Value) Award

design et al are delighted to announce shortlist success for Q Developments for the £5million Plus (Property Value) Award in the ID&A Awards 2014.

One of a pair of Contemporary twin houses set within the Coombe Estate, 10 miles from Central London


The house should allow the future proprietor to see the beauty of the building and allow them to envisage what they can bring to the space to make it their home – to combine contemporary design with family living so as to provide a luxurious house which is a delight to live in, not to provide a statement building which proved unforgiving to occupy.


The simple architectural language of the street façade, with its contemporary white stone and dark timber, implies an edifice of mass and enclosure. However, this belies the hidden depth and sense of transparency that is apparent when moving through the three-storey house, where volume is carefully carved-out to create a beguiling matrix of spaces for contemporary living.


Ava House has been designed and constructed using the finest of materials so as to provide a cutting edge contemporary house whilst providing a luxurious family house offering all the facilities and luxuries a modern family could want. The main living area sits between the landscaped gardens and an open glazed cathedral-like courtyard, that acts as the fulcrum around which the house is organized, connecting all levels and bringing landscape and sunlight into the heart of the house.