Further Shortlist Success for Sarco Architects for the Beach House Award

Sarco Architects celebrate further Shortlist Success in the ID&A Awards 2014 for the Beach House Award with Vistamer 17 Residence.

Vistamar17 Residence - Sarco Architects Thumbnail

This home is located on a very irregular (almost triangular) piece of land, with a very steep gully in the middle, so it combines irregular shape and steep terrain.

Vistamar17 Residence - Sarco Architects Image 2

 The home is designed as a group of 3 main structures with corridors which allow the floor plan to articulate and adapt to the shape of the land. These structures then house the main separate activities of the interior living area, master bedroom over the outdoor living area and pool, and the guest bedroom. One key aspect of this home is how everything revolves around the outdoor covered living areas that lie under the master bedroom, and how the stone-clad columns that support the master bedroom fall inside a shallow sitting area inside the water in the swimming pool.

 Vistamar17 Residence - Sarco Architects Image 3

The home is all about living and enjoying outdoor spaces and how the different areas of the house can all exist around the covered outdoor living and pool.

 Vistamar17 Residence - Sarco Architects Image 4jpg

The interior living areas blur the indoor-outdoor lines with 3 sided glazing and high ceilings, which maximizes the spectacular views to the Four Seasons Hotel and the layered views of masses of water and mountains behind it, and at the same time giving a clear open view and connection to the golf course and the 17 hole Tee box that sits right next to the house. The swimming pool is designed with a wrap-around water mirror on three sides of the covered outdoor living areas, which serve to cool down the air temperature of the breeze and to improve comfort in the outdoor areas.

The layout of the house, which adapts and articulates with the flow of the land, then also allows to provide a massing that the house seems to “peek from behind the trees” and look towards the amazing views.