Further Shortlist Success for A-Sign Studio in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015

A-Sign Studio have achieved further shortlist success in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015 with the 35m Planing Fiberglass Yacht competing for the Yacht Concept up to 40 metres award.


This 35m M/Y is a synthesis of innovative elements and brave solutions with every design element focused on functionality.


This sleek concept superyacht may span 35 meters from bow to stern, boast open plan interiors and all of the splendors that this form of sea travel can offer, but it consumes only what it harnesses responsibly.


Up to 62 square meters of sliding solar panels cover the top deck of the hull, powering everything from the boat’s air conditioning and electricity to its propulsion through the water with 6kW. The layout hosts 5 generous cabins and a huge main saloon with stunning view outside.


With the side red reticular truss, all the superstructure weight rests directly on the hull, and this gives the main saloon complete autonomy about the layout, without any interior pillar. The raised pilot house gives an incredible view for extremely safe driving.