Further Shortlist Success For Susie Watson Designs In the International Product Design Awards 2014

Susie Watson Designs Enjoy further Shortlist Success for the Fabric Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

Hydrangea Linen
Hydrangeas are Susie’s favourite flowers, and this fabric is her homage to them, it was sketched in her garden.  Susie’s garden is a stunning mix of all varieties of flower and in the summer, is heady with perfume and awash with wildlife, hence the butterflies, which also feature in many of her other designs.  Susie is always surrounded by flowers, inside her house she always has an array of jugs, flower bottles and vases full of seasonal displays.


The key aspect of this design is that the flowers are simple and unfussy, she has captured the essence of the flower without too many layers of detail, this is partly because the design has evolved from a block print.  The design is therefore very easy on the eye and popular with people who don’t normally ‘do’ flower prints.  Susie spends an enormous amount of time on colour and this is her favourite aspect of this design, the colours are subtle and beautiful and perfectly complement each other and reflect the colours in the garden.


All products by Susie Watson Designs are handmade. All fabrics are hand-printed, no machines, just humans. A huge amount of skill and care goes into each product.  Susie Watson Designs are often recognised for their colours and this is because all their fabrics are traditionally dyed and woven and an enormous amount of effort goes into every shade.

Here is a film to tell the story of their production: