Further Shortlist Success for Tsiantar Architects in the ID&A Awards 2014

Tsiantar Architects enjoy further shortlist success in the ID&A Awards 2014 in the Residential (Property Value) £1-2.5 Million Award.

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This 450 m sq single dwelling is designed in the ‘Arts and Craft’ style to fit into a triangular shaped site. To make the most of the garden, the plan is ‘Y’ shaped maximising the space around the house for the garden.

The client wanted a relatively ‘low key’ property and the house was designed to have low sweeping eaves supported on brackets to accentuate the roof and the dormers.

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The feature gables at the front and rear make statements by being fully two storey. These are focuses for the main entrance and circular drive at the front, and for the balcony and rear patio at the rear over looking the cricket club.

The natural stone for the feature bays and plinth was carefully selected for the balance of shaded seams running through the slabs so that they were consistent and balanced against the light render.

The same process was used for the large slabs of Carrara marble that were bookended’ for the master shower suite.

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The house is not designed to be imposing relying on feature details such as the dormers and stonework, the quality of the materials and the proportions for effect. Viewed from the road, the symmetry with the site and the circular drive centred on the entrance gates catches everyone’s attention. The interiors have been designed to match the external quality of the property.