Congratulations to 1.61 London shortlisted for the Residential £5 Million Plus (Property Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce that 1.61 London have been successfully shortlisted in the Residential £5 MillionPlus (Property by Value) award, in The International Design & Architecture Awards.


1.61 London, encompasses what it does in its very name and insigne. It stands for creating perfect aesthetic beauty in interior design across some of the best spaces in London. This is achieved through meticulous care and detail, making design not just an art, but also a science. The design brief was to turn what used to be an ordinary, modern, corner house on a quiet mews, to a beautifully designed, and detailed home that was moulded on their company’s notion.  Each area was thought through and perfected individually, so that when each section was put together, it not only resonated in its own beauty, but created, as a whole, a harmonious, flowing design throughout. Added into this was the client’s passion for collecting antiques, art, wine and sculpture. The design needed to incorporate and enhance these areas by returning to what made these pieces wonderful in their time and interpreting them in a modern way.


One such example was the main reception room wall. This was designed to have back lit onyx vertical sections, sitting either side of a triplet of antique mirrors, with works of art hanging from them. This area acted as the perfect juxtaposition between ancient pieces of art, beautiful in their own right, and modern design. Thus bridging two worlds with two time differences and forging them together in this new modern, harmonised design fusion.


The theme formed allowed the designers to incorporate all these beautiful existing pieces with the design ebbing and flowing with impact and resonance where needed.  This gave the client’s collection items a perfect platform to sing from where needed, but where lacking, the design to step up and influence the aesthetics.