SHORTLISTED: ‘A kitchen with the wow factor’ by Melanie Williams

Melanie Williams Bespoke Interiors will compete for the Kitchen over £25,000 Award with a refurbished kitchen set within a family home in Fulham. To enter The International Design and Architecture Awards 2013, email


Design brief: To design a kitchen with wow factor. A kitchen that better connected to other parts of the house and that was more efficiently and elegantly planned. To incorporate zones within the new kitchen plan to allow for tasks; cooking/preparation etc, entertaining informally [bar area]; a drinks zone to include wine storage and a bespoke drinks cupboard, and a formal dining zone. To use varying materials that would work around and compliment the clients’ use of walnut wood elsewhere. To specify the perfect bar stool! To open up the kitchen to the rear reception room and allow the kitchen to work as the hub of the home.


Favourite / key aspect of the project: The gloss lacquered walnut cabinets and underpanel with concealed led lighting detail. The sunken stainless steel hob with wraparound walnut bar. The solid walnut internal features within drawers and cupboards, especially the drinks cupboard.


Why does the design work so well? The way it makes the ground floor of the house function so much better. The fresh new look it has imparted on the neighbouring spaces as well as the kitchen space itself. The way the gloss finish bounces light around the room.