Shortlisted Announcement: Ricky Liu & Associates Shortlisted for the First Class Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce shortlist success for Ricky Liu & Associates, Architects + Planners in the Fifth Annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The China Airlines V3 VIP Lounge will compete for the First Class Lounge Award.

Conceptualised as a pleasant retreat in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, “Plum Garden” is a leisure space where passengers can engage in Taiwanese culture and endure a luxury stay before their next journey. The lounge is designed by the renowned architect, Ricky Liu, and represents a nation with exquisitely fine culture.


The façade of ‘Plum Garden’ has a “Moon Gate”, transformed from traditional circular shape into an oblong gate that looks like a peach (Tao) pronounced homophonically as ‘Taoyuan’ where the Lounge is located.

China Airlines V3 VIP Lounge Image3 (Custom)

The massive painting “Jade Mountain in a Sea of Clouds” of Master Junbi HUANG as well as the caisson ceiling elevate the exuberance and importance of the reception lobby.

China Airlines V3 VIP Lounge Image5 (Custom)

Ricky Liu outlines six main themes that illustrates the main conceptualisation of the design and the goal of the implementation:

1. Boundless Presentation – Promoting Chinese Heritage with an accent of Taiwanese culture to the world.

2. Heart-warming Hospitality – Marketing Taiwanese foods, specialties, and local arts to the travelers.

3. Unique Transformation of Traditions – Modernizing 5000 years of cultural traditions into the classy tone of the space.

4. Environmental Protection – Executing energy-saving regulations to protect our planet earth.

5. Innovative Space – Eight features of ‘Plum Garden’ are connected under a wide structure and themed context.

6. Customized Services – The premium guests are welcomed in a programmed space  of safety, privacy, availability, comfortableness, friendliness and cosiness.

China Airlines V3 VIP Lounge Image8 (Custom)There are two private VVIP lounge rooms which can be connected strategically with their own exclusive restrooms and showers behind the display window. On the other side of the hallway, single rooms and double rooms are programmed with various seating capacities which are able to meet the privacy requirements of the premium guests.

China Airlines V3 VIP Lounge Image6 (Custom)