Congratulations to David Easton Incorporated Winners of the Yacht Interior Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce shortlist success for David Easton Incorporated in the ‘Yacht Interior Design’ category of the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014.


A client, for whom David Easton Incorporated have designed a previous sailing yacht, asked them to help create a thoroughly unique and sleekly elegant sailing vessel, transcending all believable realms of luxury.


Come in, go down a few steps and you will find friends singing. Food pours from the galley. Fingers run along smooth wood-paneled walls. A piano clings to the floor and hammers out tunes at any angle. Chopin at 15 knots – the Clients’ lives revolve around music and their love for the Sea – the team were basically asked to design Marie around a Steinway Baby Grand piano – protected in a crate, as it would be impossible to install it afterwards. All the furniture aboard was custom designed to be like music – there is a flow to it. The skylights, the window reveals, the mirrors, everything is in rhythm with each other.


Physically David Easton Incorporated wanted Marie to be open with an unobstructed flow of energy. They wanted to create light and warmth, at the same time it was important to keep spaces intimate. Opening the main salon to the lower salon was a fundamental move that radically transformed the living space. The traditional dark finish was replaced with buttery Anigré throughout the vessel.


Marie embodies tradition and romance – but she also needed to be modern and comfortable. Accessorising Marie – German rapiers, English pistols, daggers, barometers, compasses and cannons galore – it was a fun mission to outfit Marie with bits and pieces from history – each with their own story.  A library containing a leather-bound collection of 16th, 17th and 18th century classics.  Period marine paintings, and 15th century-style suits of armor – all add an interesting twist to the contemporary furnishings aboard Marie.