Shortlisted: De Opera Domotica for the Home Cinema Award

De Opera Domotica have been shortlisted for the Home Cinema* award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

De Opera Domotica started the design with a preliminary acoustical analysis of the room to create ideal circumstances, for a cinema room. To avoid any disturbance to the other rooms in the residence while enjoying a movie decided  to design the room as a box-in-box. The client was keen that there should be no compromise to the audio and video quality the team chose to use a 7.2 Wisdom Audio for the speaker and electronic setup.


Based upon the same preliminary acoustical analysis, the team designed seating and speaker positions and then went on to design the acoustical treatment of the entire room.

Another point of attention was the HVAC system for the room. The client requested that the climate should be perfect even when ten people are in the room. So the design team decided to create the ceiling in a wave texture, this also allowed the opportunity to incorporate the air outlets of the HVAC system without being noticed from the viewer. Even when 10 people are present and the system is cooling the viewer doesn’t experience any airflow that’s uncomfortable.


De Opera Domotica managed to create an incredible experience. Perfect cooperation between interior architect FG stijl and De Opera resulted in a ‘Tuschinski theatre’ that exceeds the quality of the Pathé Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam. The acoustic and video calibration resulted in a best of the best possible result. Choices for the right colours for ceiling and curtains strengthen the cinema experience and quality of the image.


*Please note, the Home Cinema category is now closed due to full capacity.