Shortlisted: DESIGN INTERVENTION i.d. for Asia-Pacific Living Space Award

Design Intervention i.d. have been shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Living Space Award in this year’s International Design and Architecture Awards, with their Project ‘Cluny Park’.


Design Intervention i.d. have worked with an abundance of pattern to distract from the lack of daylight, contrasting organic forms with crisp geometric lines. The black and white wallpaper adds wit and freshness to the room yet at the same time imparts depth and a visual interest that compensates for the lack of view. Moulding details edged in gold leaf exudes a sense of glamour and outline the wallpaper like a picture frame.


Pop art over the sofa adds a light -hearted feel . It juxtaposes the ancient artefacts through its informality. Mirror finish surfaces and gilt detail reflect any available light and give the space the glamorous feel the client wanted.


The client wanted an interior that was glamorous but at the same time had a warmth and a friendliness. There were two key design challenges to overcome: The space had very little natural light and the client wanted an interior with a fresh open feel. The client had several pieces that they wished to display- a dinosaur skull , a mammoth tooth as well as a stuffed deer. Our challenge was to prevent such imposing pieces from overpowering the space. We wanted to create a room that would be warm and inviting, and with these museum quality pieces, there was a danger that the room could be stuffy, if too serious a scheme were to be adopted. The room succeeds in invoking a glamorous feel but with a sense of humour that reflects the personality of the client.


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