Shortlisted: GA Design International in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce that GA Design International have been successfully shortlisted in the Hotel under 50 Rooms category of the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014.

Set within the natural tranquility of the surrounding Olive Bay, the hotel offers a luxurious retreat with 32 guest rooms.



The design brief for Olive Bay Hotel was to create a relaxed retreat that responded to the natural beauty of the location in an intuitive manner. The client wanted to ensure that the design celebrated the exterior whilst at the same time maintained a subtle business edge and informed formality that befitted the business of the primary guest; that being the formal purchase and hand-over of the large freighters manufactured by Oshima Shipping Company. The design of the hotel needed to suit the grand nature of these monthly occasions while at the same time deliver a resort experience to the guests.


The bay location is spectacular and the architecture and design celebrates this throughout. The arrival is a seamless transition from the spectacular drop off with the artfully framed view to the elegantly simple reception tables. Deliberately positioned in front of the 5 metre high glass windows, the guests are immediately immersed in the serenity of the bay beyond.


In the guestrooms the glazed bathrooms are pushed out the front of the building. The rooms echo the patterns of the water in the gentle carpet patterns whilst the colours echo the woods outside. Whilst the planning is deceptively simple, the subtle use of screens and mirror inserts has created a room of great volume and complexity. The planning was deliberately open allowing vistas and light into all areas of the room. Most importantly the guests are allowed time and space to connect with the unique and beautiful landscape.


The interpretation of Japanese design combined with a relaxed international approach has produced a very calm and ordered resort that still surprises. It feels very “complete” and assured, allowing it to dress up for the big occasions and then step back for the days of relaxation.