Shortlisted: Genius Loci Pte Ltd for the Retail Space Award

Genius Loci Pte Ltd will compete for the Retail Space Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. Sally Koeswanto Boutique in Jakarta, Indonesia is a contrast against the common shopping mall retail wing.

01-02-SallyKoeswanto (GL) -23.06.2011-

The Boutique reflects the bold and strong creative vision of this celebrity fashion designer with daring, bold, clever and inspiring collections.

07-11-SallyKoeswanto (GL) -23.06.2011-

The approach was not to design another boutique, and therefore contrasting elements of stone and greenery were used. The reflective floor creates a reflective sheet like walking on water. The stark hush stone elements were tamed by steel mesh which forms the back drop for the designer’s photography sessions.

06-10-SallyKoeswanto (GL) -23.06.2011-

A customised sofa piece that was hand painted by a local artist dons the retail shop front, while a full Vertical grass wall was used to introduce some playfulness and colour.

08-13-SallyKoeswanto (GL) -23.06.2011-