Shortlisted: GIL Art & Design Consultants for the Living Space – Asia Pacific Award

GIL Art & Design Consultants have been shortlisted once again for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014Living Space – Asia Pacific, with a beautiful W Villa in Beijing.

The lattice screen format with Chinese elements is exaggerated and abstracted in this modern Chinese design scheme. Through a simple array of geometric shapes, it reflects the unique combination of traditional design idioms with a twist of modern spirit. Forms and shapes of furniture are simplified into purer and geometric silhouettes, which conform to the aesthetic ideas of modern lifestyle.


The sense of grandeur and magnificence is maintained by the infusion of cultural ambience throughout the villa. The refined collection of artwork and accessories showcases the owner’s pursuit of quality of life. Elegant details juxtaposed with simple modern forms and features carve an interesting architectural space.


Classic interior finishes like fine timber, marble and hand-painted wall covering weave seamlessly together in harmony resulting a luxuriously charming and graceful residence.